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If you are a weather enthusiast, you should consider setting up an amateur weather station to help in monitoring the environment around you. Setting up such a station is not expensive. As long as you have the basic tools and equipment, you can easily forecast the weather. You should consider coming up with a website so that people who want to benefit from your amateur weather station can get information in real time.

What To Put On the Website

  • The Forecast: Since it is an amateur weather station, the people visiting the website will want to get the basics of how the weather will be in the coming few days. They should also be able to know when there will be a shift in the weather, and how the next few days will be.
  • Wind Patterns: The patterns of the wind can be captured using the tools at the amateur weather stations. These patterns can be captured on the website to help people like surfers and other activities that are dependent on the wind
  • Weather Analysis: You can use the information you are gathering to come up with an analysis that guides the people coming to your website. For instance, you can check the consistent weather pattern to analyse the possibility of a flood or even a tornado. You can also ask experts such as people from the metrological department to help you come up with analytical pieces.
  • News and blogs: A good website always has news and updates on things that are happening around the world, You should check weather patterns of the places near you and give timely updates so that in case someone was planning to travel, they can be advised accordingly. The news and blogs can also have details of severe weather and cautionary actions to take.