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The benefits of amateur weather stations are very easy to see. The convenience of an amateur weather station is important for safety, research purposes and for recreation purposes.


The safety of people is one of the biggest advantages of owning an amateur weather station. Sometimes the weather reports and government warnings are not enough. An amateur weather station is a valuable backup which can give indications of sudden weather changes. Features such as a barometer and an anemometer can indicate sudden pressure drops and wind changes which could indicate a pending weather issue.

Research Purposes

Many people that study weather conditions would know that the convenience of having an amateur weather station can save them time and act as a valuable source of research in many types of conditions. The range of weather stations with different features makes it easy for researchers to buy the weather station that is the most suitable for their purposes.

Recreation and Tourism Purposes

Many tourist guides take groups into rural areas or are exposed to the weather in some way will find that amateur weather stations may be essential for their work. For example, a surf guide in an area that does not have much information from the outside world will be able to tell if the surf may be better on some days. Sailors would say that an amateur weather station is either essential or a very important back up for their activities. Weather reports can be obtained through radio but in the event that equipment fails, the amateur weather station can be a lifesaver which predicts rough seas.

Amateur weather stations are of the utmost importance for individuals or groups that do not have access to weather information. Having a back up is also essential for people that are out in the elements.