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Weather forecast is a process of applying science and technology to give a prediction of how the conditions of the atmosphere will be in a location and time. It dates from ancient historic days when traditions such as watching the behaviour of animals were used to predict the weather.

In today’s world, the weather forecasters are trained to observe the speed of the wind, temperature, pressure, and humidity from all over the world. They are then fed into supercomputers that help in analysing and giving predictions of the weather patterns.

Why Forecasts Are Sometimes Wrong

One of the most asked questions by people who rely on weather forecasting is why there are instances where the weather is different from what was predicted.

The reason this happens is because the atmospheric nature can be chaotic, and any slight change in the ocean can have serious implications on the weather system. The atmosphere is huge and it can be impossible to monitor every part of it with accuracy. There will be moments when forecasters miss one aspect and it skews the entire prediction. Contrary to popular belief, this does not mean that weather forecasting does not work. It simply means it can be affected by some basic changes.

Future of Forecasting

There have been many technological evolutions and the forecasting industry is one of the areas that is progressively changing. The use of supercomputers means that the speed of predictions will be higher. It also means that accuracy will get better because the technology will be able to capture the observations and changes in a better and more structured way.

The future of forecasting will also be such that complex equations are broken down quickly so that the forecasting can be done for smaller areas without having to depend on global forecasting.