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There are many reasons why humanity should be concerned about weather conditions. The weather today and in the future determines the climate of the planet and has a big impact on future generations. Some of the reasons why weather conditions matter are:

It Determines Distribution of Rain and Water

All the living things on earth need water to survive. Both plants and animals must get an adequate supply of water so that they thrive; otherwise, they will wither and die. The weather, including cloud formation and precipitation, determines not just when the rains will fall, but also how heavy they will be. Weather also determines the kinds of crops that people grow in different regions and their dates of maturity.

Can Cause Calamities

Weather in any extreme form can cause disaster. Over the years, deaths have been recorded when it rained too much and there was flooding in different parts of the country. If things get too dry and there is a lot of sun, then drought is recorded and the result is famine and death. There are also disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes that are influenced by the weather.

Distribution of People on Earth

The weather patterns largely influence how people are distributed on earth. Living things will only thrive in areas where the weather is conducive to their existence. For instance, in extreme weather like in the desert, you are not likely to find a lot of people living. The same applies to very cold places.

General Health

The weather condition around you determines your health. There are some health conditions such as rickets that are caused by a lack of exposure to the sun. Other health conditions are spread by vermins and parasites that thrive in particular weather conditions. For instance, mosquitoes that cause malaria mostly multiply in wet swampy areas.