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Have you ever looked back and thought about the many things around your life that are determined by the weather? You may not be noticing, but the weather condition will affect so many things in your life including:


The weather will most likely determine what you are wearing. For instance, if it is extremely cold, you are likely to wear something warm. The weather will also influence the accessories you use, including sunglasses and umbrellas. The fashion industry depends heavily on weather and other factors to make sales.

Activities and Events

The weather will influence the activities that you will be having, and how your events will be conducted. For instance, a rainy day might meet you to stay indoors, while a nice sunny day might be the best time for you to have a barbeque cookout with your friends and family.


The weather determines the kinds of foods that grow within a region. That is because certain food crops tend to do better in particular weather patterns and climatic conditions. Other than growth, there are some food groups that have become synonymous with certain weather patterns. For instance, the summer is considered to be the time most people want to consume tropical fruits.

Special Sporting

People who are passionate about some sporting activities that are highly dependent on weather, like snow skating, ballooning or water surfing, the weather has a big influence on whether they will participate in the sport or not.


Weather determines some of the bills that you will pay, and how much they will be. Like during the cold season, you will end up paying more electricity bills due to heating and other costs that you might incur. You may also have to pay for someone to shovel snow out of your compound during the winter.